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"Across our 3 locations, we aim to offer an exciting workspace solution for a wide range of aspirational business’s. Each location has its own USP’s, but the service we will provide your business is constant."
Neil - Director
Neil - Director - Bracken Ltd
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Our journey so far...

Bracken Workspace Plus

Partnered with Yardi

Bracken partnered with Yardi to deliver secure, fast and reliable connectivity, exclusively to our customers. Read all about IT services we offer.

Time for a meeting room revamp.

In 2022, we thought it was time we refurbished the small meeting room at Calls Wharf. It's now a small, but perfectly formed meeting space ideal for more intimate discussions and private conversations.
Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

We created a new riverside garden...

​In 2021 we turned our attention to Calls Wharf. Here we expanded the already popular breakout area and we created a stunning riverside garden!

We created a roof terrace...

In 2020 we continued our improvements at The Tannery and opened our super stylish roof terrace. It features covered and sheltered seating as well as olive trees and astro turf, creating an amazing outdoor space to work and play.
Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

Going green!

In October 2019 we took the plunge and gave our "green" credentials a boost when we invested in 6 electric car charging points for our car park at The Tannery. Already they'd seen plenty of use and this isn't the last of the eco-friendly improvements we'll be making across our business as we move into 2020. 

Reinventing an old space

With the meeting rooms and reception at The Tannery completed, we then turned our attentions to an old space that we knew had bags of potential. Affectionally called "the garage" the space was reinvented in to a brand new, modern and stylish kitchen, dining and socialising space our team and our customers can enjoy. 
Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

Time for a revamp!

After rebranding in 2018, we decided it was time for a little bit of refurbishment and redesign throughout our three buildings aswell. Up first was a revamp of the reception and meeting spaces at The Tannery to bring it in line with our new look and feel and to match it's sister building Calls Wharf.

Rebranding as Bracken Workspace Plus

The big milestone for 2018 is our full rebrand as Bracken Workspace Plus, putting our personality at the forefront of what we do (and getting an exciting new look in the process).


Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

We partnered with Essensys

In the October of 2017 Bracken partnered with Essensys who upgraded all our bandwidth delivery to 1 Gb, improving our IT services and making sure our historic buildings were up to modern speeds.

We bought The Tannery!

After the relative low of 2015 a huge high came in 2016 when we purchased The Tannery from Marshalls CDP. This move meant that we now fully own 2 out of our 3 buildings. 
Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

A very wet festive season

This year was a trying time when The Tannery fell victim to the Boxing Day Floods after one of the wettest festive periods on record. Thankfully we were straight on it and our hardworking team managed to get the building dried out and back in order before our customers returned in the New Year. Phew!


Introducing Albion Court

Albion Court sits just outside Trinity Leeds and it has to be one of our most imposing buildings with it's gothic windows and old church spire. It's home to a number of businesses and like all our other buildings, it offers 2 stylish meeting rooms, breakout spaces and a welcoming reception. 
Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

Finding our 3rd building

Just four years after acquiring our first building, 2012 saw Bracken gain it's third and final building, right in the heart of Leeds city centre

We became BCA members!

In 2011 all our hardwork was really starting to pay off as we became affiliated with the Business Centre Association. As BCA members we represent, uphold and surpass the BCA code of Conduct and best practice recommendation, so it's pretty serious stuff.
Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

Introducing The Tannery

That 2nd building was The Tannery, although it used to be known as the old Arla Dairy. The Tannery is even larger than Calls Wharf at around 25,000 square feet and it's arranged over 4 floors and 2 wings! As if that wasn't impressive enough, the building also sits on 1.7 acres of land (hence why we can offer free on-site parking). 

Our 2nd building came along...

Two years on from the beginning of Bracken Business Centre's we had the opportunity to add a second building to our portfolio. This acquisition also marked the start of a long and happy working partnership with Marshalls CDP too.

Bracken Workspace Plus
Bracken Workspace Plus

The 1st Building

Calls Wharf was the very first building in the Bracken serviced office portfolio and it remains our flagship flexible workspace property today. It used to be the Thistle Hotels headquarters in Leeds but today it's home to 3 professional meeting rooms and over 30 stylish workspaces. It's spread over 4 floors of highly designed office space that provide around 20,000 square feet of space nestled on the banks of the River Aire. 


Where it all started...

Established in 2000 by Neil Clark and Matthew Fuller, Bracken Limited as it was back then soon took on board John Clark and Denise McGeachy and the Bracken family as we know it today was started. In the early days Bracken was an active traditional commercial property developer and investor with successful development projects being undertaken across the North of England. Bracken Business Centres as a brand grew from the acquisiton of Calls Wharf in late 2006. A substantial refurbishment of this beautiful heritage building followed over the next year or so. 
Bracken Workspace Plus

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