Bracken Workspace Plus It's not easy being green... but we're doing it anyway!

It's not easy being green... but we're doing it anyway!

Our eco credentials

The team at Bracken have always had an interest in environmental policies and as the owners of two properties and the lease holders of a third, we are lucky enough to be able to employ eco policies throughout our buildings to manage our impact on the environment, but we have plans afoot to do even more.  

So what do we do already? 

1. First and foremost we operate in refurbished buildings.  This is one of the most impactful means of recycling when compared to the environmental bearing and carbon footprint of a new build office building.  

2. Every office and kitchen have mixed recycling bins.  This means that we recycle not just paper, but cans, tins, cardboard and plastic bottles.  We currently recycle 35% of the waste we produce and none of the waste from our buildings goes to landfill.  We aim to have our recycled waste up to 50% by the end of 2019. 

(Graphics from Veolia Account Performance Reports)
3. We buy our energy from renewable sources.  Our electricity supplier, Scottish Hydro produces electricity that is from 100% sustainable and renewable sources.  Any carbon emissions generated in producing this electricity are offset.  

4. Where possible we have upgraded lighting to LED lighting which consume far less energy and additionally, the majority of our lighting is on motion sensors meaning you can’t waste energy by leaving a light on.  The lights will automatically turn off if they don’t sense movement.  

5. Drinking water supplies – where we currently supply drinking water from bottles, we will soon be changing that to mains fed filtered water.  The current bottled methods increase plastic consumption and produce emissions whilst being transported.  By switching to mains fed, we will immediately improve our eco friendliness.  

Every little thing we do makes a contribution to our eco system and we plan to do more. 

We are actively researching and are keen to introduce: 

1. Creating our own renewable energy through solar generated power.  Calls Wharf and The Tannery both have large roof spaces that could accommodate solar panels so we can create some of our own energy. 

2. Improving bike storage to encourage more people to cycle to work.  We already have bike storage at all three locations but we recognise it could be improved. 

3. Encouraging and supporting the use of electric cars by installing car charging points.  We’re already a way down the road with regards to the install of these at The Tannery and we’re really excited about it! 

4. Look at harvesting rain water for toilet flushing.  If we were to do this, we could reduce our mains water consumption by up to 50%. 

Discussions are already underway with the Leeds Enterprise Partnership (the LEP).  They have a resource efficiency team who’ll be visiting us soon to carry out a Resource Efficiency Audit and with their help and funding we can begin to realise these changes and move towards reducing our energy consumption, reduce water and waste costs and ultimately reduce our impact on the environment.  

We’ll let you know how we get on.