Bracken Workspace Plus BDaily Reports on Denise McGeachy's Promotion to Director

BDaily Reports on Denise McGeachy's Promotion to Director

Denise McGeachy has been appointed chief operating officer and a director of Leeds biggest independent flexible workspace provider, Bracken Workspace Plus.

The company provides flexible workspaces at three locations in Leeds. These are Calls Wharf, which opened in 2008; The Tannery, which opened in 2010 and Albion Court, which launched in 2012.

Denise McGeachy joined Bracken in 2001 between working summers in the US and has played a key role in the growth of the business since being appointed full time office manager in 2004, then centre manager and group centre manager in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

She says: “We’ve grown the business from one to three locations and are constantly evolving and adapting to stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of our clients and sector. I’m delighted that my commitment and hard work has been formally recognised by this appointment.

“Having already established a successful presence in the Leeds flexible workspace market, we overhauled our brand with a new name, logo and website last year and this is proving extremely popular.”

Bracken Ltd managing director, Neil Clark, says: “Denise has been a tremendous asset to the company and we are delighted to welcome her to the board in this well-deserved appointment.”