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Work from anywhere

In the office, from home or a mix of both.

Easy IT Upgrades

IT services on demand from 5Mb to 1Gb.

24 Hour Access

Secure key fob entry system.

5Mb Dedicated Bandwidth

IT connectivity dedicated to your business.

Secure Connections

Securely connected to the essensys Cloud.

WiFi & LAN Connections

Enterprise level, robust, resilient and secure.

Connectivity for a modern workspace is a critical service, right?

Well, at Bracken Workspace Plus all our offices come with 5Mb of dedicated bandwidth as standard and that's just to get things started. You'll also get a wireless network and hard-wired LAN connections too. All provisioned from our enterprise level, robust, resilient and secure data and voice platforms.
Above on beyond that, we can offer tailored IT services to suit your business and your preferred way of working, be it remote, on site, or a hybrid of both. If you need more bandwidth you can increase it, if you need advanced voice services including call answering and call management, messaging services, voicemail and call recording you can add it on. It’s all covered by our extensive shopping list. It's IT services on demand so you have the connectivity and the technology you need, when you need it.
Bracken Workspace Plus

We are securely connected

Working with Yardi means all of our beautiful buildings are securely connected to the Yardi Cloud, which delivers secure, fast and reliable connectivity, exclusively to our customers. That means you’re not sharing your internet with thousands of other users so you don’t need the patience of saint to send large files, emails and content. But if our standard package still isn’t quite quick enough for you, then we have even faster, enhanced bandwidth options available as well.

We are Yardi partners

We know you need great internet access and a solid communication network for your business to be successful. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leading IT company Yardi to provide enterprise class connectivity across all our workspaces.
Bracken Workspace Plus

We use Broadsoft systems

When it comes to making calls, our telephone systems use the Broadsoft platform, which gives you the flexibility to choose how simple or complex you need your phone system to be. It can grow alongside your business too, so you can connect more phones as your business grows and of course, it offers all the standard features you’d expect for a business phone system: call forwarding, call transferring, hold and call conferencing as standard. 
Bracken Workspace Plus

You can’t concentrate on the big stuff if you’re worrying about the small stuff. 

That’s why our network infrastructure is always in development so we can keep our internet and telephone solutions up to date with the latest innovations. On top of that, all our network services are monitored 24/7 too, so any potential problems can be solved before they start giving you and your business something to worry about. 

When we do IT packages, we do them with bells & whistles.

  • A dedicated phone line with a Leeds (0113) number
  • Voicemail services with remote access
  • Call pickup groups allowing any member of staff to answer the phone
  • Call forwarding to mobiles and other numbers
  • Ability to transfer calls within your workspace
  • Low telephone call rates
  • 1Gb primary circuit with automatic fail over to our 1Gb back up circuits
  • Private Cat 5e network
  • Work wirelessly or hardwired - up to you.
  • Private and secure company VLAN
  • Local traffic firewalls to keep your data private
  • Stringent firewall policies
If our standard IT package doesn’t cut the mustard, then you can easily upgrade:
  • Upgrade your inclusive 5mb with anything from another 5 to 500mb!
  • Public IP address
  • Add a separate fax
  • Add FSA compliant call recording
  • Send voicemail messages to your email
  • Add a high speed data port for peripheral devices

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