Bracken Workspace Plus Exciting Times at The Tannery…

Exciting Times at The Tannery…

It wasn’t that long ago that we blogged about becoming a ‘greener’ business and how we planned to action these changes.  

Over recent years it’d become more obvious that striving to be ecologically sound is in our DNA. The current habits of the throwaway culture goes against our human and business instinct to protect and look after our eco system. We may not have nailed all the options out there but as Bracken matures, the desire to adopt changes that support the environment constantly increases.  

Hence the decision to invest in green energy transport and go ahead with ordering 6 electric car charging points, or EV Charging as it’s more commonly known.   

After conversations with a few different companies, AMPEV were the chosen supplier based on their detailed surveys, competitive pricing and their ability to offer commercial grade chargepoints that will futureproof us from an inevitable increase in demand as the technology behind electric car charging and electric powered car engines develops. 

Whilst electric cars have a way to go before becoming mainstream, as of December 2016, the UK had the fourth largest European stock of light-duty plug-in vehicles after Norway, the Netherlands and France. Leeds City Council received £6.3m of government funding to progress the forthcoming Clean Air Charging Zone which will be launched in a bid to reduce air pollution and protect the health of everyone in Leeds. The trend is undeniably moving towards more sustainable modes of transport and directly away from private vehicle use.  

We also reviewed our energy contracts recently and as a result, we made the decision to go ahead with 100% renewable, responsibly sourced, sustainable bio mass electricity which produces 86% less carbon than energy generated from fossil fuels.   

This benefit extends to all our customers at both Calls Wharf and The Tannery, so by being a Bracken customer, you know that you’re doing your bit to help the environment.  

There’s still plenty to work on, but we’ll keep you posted.