We do more than just
serviced workspaces.
We do truly bespoke
workspaces too.

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Bracken Workspace Plus

Put your stamp on things

All you need to do, is tell us how much space you need and we’ll find the space to fit. From there, we’ll help you put your stamp on it too. Whether that’s recommending painters and decorators, to bringing in kitchen fitters, adding in partition walls or even just co-ordinating furniture deliveries with the help of our friendly reception team.


A space to make your own

Sometimes your business needs more than desks, technology and a helping hand. Sometimes you need a space you can really make your own, and our bespoke workspaces give you the opportunity to do exactly that.
Bracken Workspace Plus

A place to call home

While serviced workspaces are perfect if you're looking for flexibility, a shorter-term workspace option and a useful support network to help your business be successful, bespoke workspaces are perfect if you're looking for a place your business can call home. It’s a longer-term solution that gives you space to do your own thing, while still being within easy reach of our friendly team if you need their help.  
Bracken Workspace Plus

We are open minded.

We’re all about working with you to help your business be successful so if you have an idea for your workspace, we want to hear about it.

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