What are the Advantages of being Building Owners?

Bracken Workspace Plus What are the Advantages of being Building Owners?
Did you know here at Bracken Workspace Plus we own our buildings outright? In 2008 we established our first fully refurbished, highly designed building Calls Wharf, which remains our flagship flexible workspace property today. We followed this with another even larger development of The Tannery in 2010, boasting 25000 square feet of newly renovated flexible working space. We are extremely proud of this business approach as it shows a level of commitment unlike any others. We believe this has significant benefits for everyone.

We have the freehold.

But what does that actually mean? Well, simply put it means we are the sole owners, and we own the building outright. We are masters of our own destiny! We are not tied to lengthy leases so you have the peace of mind of knowing your tenancy agreement is secure and we are here for the long term. We have no one to refer back to, there are no middlemen, no go between, at Bracken Workspace Plus your landlords are the owners. It gives us credibility and the belief that we will follow through when we say we are making plans for the future.

We’re invested in our buildings.

As we own our buildings that signifies a long-term investment and commitment to the upkeep of the buildings. We are conscious of the changing times, our impact on the environment and our desire and need to make our buildings more sustainable so we have recently installed 6 electric car charging points at the Tannery. We have recently revamped our meeting rooms to give them a new lease of life and included all the latest technology to support your business needs. Over the years we have redesigned our reception areas for a more welcoming entrance for both you and your clients. We have created a riverside garden at Calls Wharf to provide an outside breakout area, perfect for socializing, and a multifunctional rooftop terrace at the Tannery to provide an ideal space to work and entertain.

We spend on our buildings.

Because the buildings are ours, we are fully committed to spending on our buildings. Whether they are little jobs like fixing a broken window or big jobs like fitting a new kitchen we are constantly improving our facilities. We not only invest in our buildings structurally, but also their infrastructure with a particular emphasis on greener and more sustainable options. Security is a major priority, so we have installed high quality CCTV and high spec security systems throughout both our buildings. We have regular cleaning and general maintenance available across both buildings along with our highly trained Customer Experience Team who are always on hand to keep the general day to day running smoothly.

Freedom to change our buildings.

As we mentioned, we own the buildings, so we don’t have any landlords to report to or rely on. We make all the decisions and therefore we work directly with you to suit your business needs. Your office layout needs changing to accommodate your growing business? You need a bigger breakout area or a meeting room to entertain potential clients? Great – Owning the buildings gives us the freedom to be more flexible and gives us more options to allow us to work alongside you to make sure you’re getting the best out of your workspace. Here at Bracken Workspace Plus we also understand the workplace is changing and so your needs are changing too. With a shift towards hybrid working we empower businesses to embrace these changes and have the flexibility to support you and accommodate your needs.

We really do care.

It’s cliched we know – but we really do care! We have the strength in our conviction to say that we provide the highest quality workspaces. They reflect our name, our vision, and our passion and as such we care about our buildings, and we care about you. Building long-lasting relationships is of paramount importance which is why we work closely with our tenants and neighbours to host events, bring brands together and support local businesses.

We’re here – on site.

You can get to know us. We are more than just names at the bottom of an email. You can see our faces, bump into us in the breakout rooms and meet the team at reception. We’re on site, on hand and ready to accommodate any issues.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term office space for your business, an ad hoc meeting room to make the right first impression with your clients, or a virtual office with leading IT services and infrastructure, look no further, here at Bracken Workspace Plus we have all your needs covered. And remember, we really do care!