How to Stay Healthy in the City

Bracken Workspace Plus How to Stay Healthy in the City
I’m sure it’s no surprise to learn that whilst working in a brilliant city such as Leeds, with all its perks, none of us can avoid the negative impact to our health that city working creates in comparison to working in more rural locations. 

The two most obvious issues are noise pollution and air pollution, neither of which we can realistically escape as we move about town, however, it’s not all doom and gloom…

Living and working in the city means that there are loads of healthy eating options, city parks, Canalside walks and 24 hour gyms that you can take advantage of!  

Take Leeds for example, there are lots of gyms in and around the city centre now that will offer competitive rates and a large range of facilities. Places like The Gym on The Headrow and Pure Gym opposite the Corn Exchange are even open 24 hours a day. For our customers at Calls Wharf and Albion Court, these gyms are perfectly located for a quick early morning workout or an after-work aerobics class.

Foodwise, gone are the days where all that was available was fast food joints, here in Leeds we are very proud of the growing number of amazing restaurants, cafes and eateries that offer not only heathy but delicious food. Take Itsu for example, their entire menu is made up of high protein, low carb dishes such as mixed sashimi and Asian salads like the lean chicken machine, which are all low in calories and saturated fats.

Another great place to try is Humpit, opened in 2014 it’s an amazing hummus and pita bar located in the Corn Exchange. Chick peas are high in B vitamins and iron, making the loaded bowls of hummus and salad a real healthy treat that are both a good source of protein and fibre whilst also being low in carbohydrates.

It’s not hard to guess that a restaurant called Eat Your Greens is going to be a must on the list of healthy places to eat in Leeds. Situated on New York Street, it offers a day menu of delicious dishes including their special breakfast that offers spiced beans, Lancashire mushrooms, pea bake, Yorkshire potatoes, seasonal greens, house brown sauce and local sour dough. A true win for anybody wanting to fill up on those superfoods.

With places like these and many others right on the doorstep of Calls Wharf, Albion Court and The Tannery our clients are lucky to have these healthy options available to them on a daily basis, making it easier to stay healthy in the city.