Congrats To Denise for Her New Role with the Flexible Space Association

Bracken Workspace Plus Congrats To Denise for Her New Role with the Flexible Space Association
We’re very excited and especially proud to announce that our very own Denise McGeachy has been elected on to the board of directors of the Flexible Space Association (FSA). She’ll be doing this alongside the amazing job she does for us at Bracken as our Group Operations Officer. The FSA is the professional trade body for the sector, which also represents and supports Flexible Workspace Operators in the UK.

What is Denise’s new role with the Flexible Space Association?

Denise will be taking up her role as a non-executive board director later this month and in this role, she will help steer and direct the work of the FSA in supporting the Flexible Workspace sector.
Here’s what Denise had to say about the news: “I am thrilled to be joining the Flexible Space Association’s Board of Directors and very grateful for the support in achieving this. Bracken have been members of the Association for 12 years, and to now join the Board as a representative of smaller, niche operators is really exciting. I hope to bring a fresh voice to the Board (being from the North) and my years of experience in the smaller flexible workspace sector.” 

Denise is based at The Tannery, and she has been part of the Bracken family for over 15 years. We’re absolutely thrilled for her and know she’s going to do a brilliant job in this role.

So what is a flexible workspace?

A flexible workspace is a dynamic work environment designed to accommodate the new changes that face modern professionals and businesses. By offering a variety of possibilities for workplace use, it provides a change from conventional, permanent office layouts.
Open-plan workstations, individual offices, conference rooms, and common areas are frequently found in flexible workplaces and may all be used as needed. These areas are often furnished with necessary facilities like fast internet, business supplies, and occasionally even concierge services.
Since they allow individuals and teams to scale their workspace needs up or down as necessary, they are perfect for freelancers, start-ups, remote workers, and businesses looking to cut overhead costs. This encourages collaboration, networking, and adaptability in a work environment that has been rapidly changing over the last few years.
This then brings us to the Flexible Space Association, whose job it is to support, promote, and represent the flexible workspace industry across the UK, a sector Bracken are a proud part of.
You can read and find out more about the election results and the FSA here.