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We provide stylish workspaces in LS2 and LS3.

Calls Wharf, LS2 7JU
The Tannery, LS3 1HS
Calls Wharf is a riverside workspace sat on the banks of the River Aire, right at the heart of Leeds’ creative quarter, The Calls. The Calls and the surrounding area are renowned for trendy bars, suave restaurants and the edgy city vibes that go with them.

It’s full of denim jeans, beards and bikes and it’s this that makes The Calls the cool, sophisticated and slightly gritty hotspot for creative agencies and businesses alike. If you’re looking for a workspace surrounded by inspiration and guaranteed to have personality, then Calls Wharf is the place for you. 
The Tannery sits just one mile outside Leeds’ city centre, at the heart of the city’s industrial quarter based on Kirkstall Road. It’s a little off the beaten path and that’s exactly what gives this particular location it’s distinctive character.

It’s full of cool graffiti, big bold buildings and some seriously good independent businesses. It may not be in the city centre but it’s anything but boring, as Kirkstall is currently going through a period of significant regeneration as well, so as good as it is now, it will be even better in the near future.
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