Top tips for a productive & pretty interesting workspace!

Bracken Workspace Plus Top tips for a productive & pretty interesting workspace!
Your office desk in some ways represents who you are as a person and it can reveal way more about you than you think. More importantly than that though, a dull desk can subconsciously have a negative effect on your mood and not inspire you so putting a little time into decorating your workspace can have a significant improvement on your overall job satisfaction. With that in mind, it’s time to take action and follow our top 10 tips to take your workspace to the next level.

1: Go green and invest in some productivity boosting desk plants.

Not only will a desk plant or two brighten up the place, it’s been proven that they can help you complete your tasks faster! Plants on your desk can transform a dull area into a peaceful, tranquil and engaging place. It’s important to choose plants that are air-cleaning and mood-boosting… you don’t want to get stuck with a plant cemetery on your desk! Some of our favourite desk plant choices are;
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ plant - these plants have fat stalks and bulging roots which store a huge amount of water. Bonus – you don’t have to water it all the time!
  • Peace Lily – A very popular plant due to them not needing a whole lot of light, and they are also forgiving of occasional overwatering.
  • Dracaena – These tough nuts can survive in drought-like conditions and have a relentless root system which makes it very unlikely to wilt, hence a perfect choice for the less green fingered among us.

2: Healthy snacks that are also happy snacks

Having healthy snacks (and lots of them) on hand is a great way to stay energised and productive throughout the day. We think it’s a great idea to dedicate one of your drawers to your snacks (if you have the room of course), so you don’t get caught out if hunger strikes. Swap crisps for mixed nuts or popcorn and swap a chocolate bar with nut butters and rice cakes. These snacks are literally the best mood booster!

3: Add some personal touches with family photos

Taking the time to personalise your desk with photos of friends and family will have a positive impact on your performance at work. If your desk is lacking space for photos, why not change your desktop image instead? The perk of this is that if you have to work away from the office, you have your loved ones with you wherever you go! It’s also a great conversation starter with work colleagues and it gives them a little insight into what you’re like outside of work.

4: Use your own mug

Make your office feel more homely by taking in a personal mug, especially if your office is dishing out the complimentary tea and coffee! The first rule of taking your own mug into work means that no one can steal it! Plus, you are guaranteed to have a clean mug at your disposal as and when you want. Did we mention it will look great on your desk too, potentially even with a coaster to match? After all, no one wants ring marks on their desk!

5: Get serious about your stationary

You would think that the digital age would have put an end to stationary, but you would be very wrong! Everyone (we think) LOVES nothing more than a pen pot filled with coloured pens, highlighters, ballpoint pens, fine liner pens, paperclips, the list continues. You can even take your stationary addiction to the next level and personalise your notepads and even sticky notes!

6: Get comfy with the perfect chair pillow

It doesn’t matter how comfortable your office chair is, displaying your own personal pillow will totally change your chair game. Not only will it provide an extra level of comfort at your desk, but it will also bring a little piece of home to your workplace.

7: Stay organised with a creative take on the traditional calendar

Whilst calendars are a must in any office to help stay on top of meetings and your general day to day life, why do they have to be a boring? There are so many fun calendars from quotes of the day, to geometric shapes, to famous paintings, to Origami ones you can literally scatter all across your desk, the options are literally endless. Our personal favourites are the ones that give you something to look forward to each day. When you flip the page and it says ‘treat yourself’ you can justify that extra slice of cake at lunch because, well, your calendar says so!

8: It doesn’t get better than books

These books don’t have to be part of what you do for your day job, they can literally just be books that you only open during your lunch break. They can provide a great little escape from the office and leave you ready for a productive afternoon! If you start to build up a collection of books, you definitely need to find some funky book ends too to help decorate your space even further. These will really add personality to your desk!

9: Desk Lamp AKA Task Light

A desk lamp will not only make your desk look super cosy, but it can also help with reducing screen glare which is one of the main factors that causes tired eyes. It can also add light to a dull office which gives your eye muscles a break from having to work too hard. It’s been shown that having the right task lighting can increase productivity because it can affect your mood in a positive way.

10: Desk Organisers

Avoid piles of paper taking over your desk by investing in a paper tray to hold your important papers, notes, mail and books. You can even get multi-level organisers that take your OCD to the next level and each tray can be labelled for everything you have.
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