Bracken Workspace Plus Ten Tips To Get The Most From Your Serviced Office

Ten Tips To Get The Most From Your Serviced Office

At Bracken Business Centres, we like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to serviced offices in Leeds, but some businesses just aren’t aware of the benefits this office arrangement can offer which is where this blog post comes in. We’ve put together a quick list of how you can get the most out of a serviced office near you. 

Curb Appeal

First up is the impressive curb appeal.  At Bracken all three of our office buildings are pretty impressive (even if we do say so ourselves), but they are also pretty iconic buildings erected during Leeds’s industrial heyday. That means that our clients enjoy some serious curb appeal and it also provides a great talking point when meeting new clients for the first time. Needless to say, this all helps make the right impression.

24/7 Access

Thanks to advances in technology, the popularity of flexi time and new modern working, businesses are far less likely to operate from 9 to 5, and while the reception team may eventually leave for the day, businesses in serviced offices like ours can take advantage of 24/7 key card access, 7 days a week.  

Local Knowledge

Speaking of reception and customer services teams, our helpful staff are fountains of knowledge when it comes to the local area. That’s great news for businesses looking to entertain clients at fancy restaurants or bars. Moreover, if you need dry cleaning, more office furniture, safe parking or access to the nearest shops and gyms, these team members can point you in the right direction and give you valuable advice and recommendations, to help you make the right decision.  

Networking & Socialisation

Unlike individual offices, businesses in serviced office buildings have the opportunity to socialise, network and even do business with the other companies in the building. Better yet, office providers like Bracken will even promote building a community by making helpful introductions and creating the opportunities for team members across the site to get together. 

Hot Desking & Co-working

Similar to socialising and networking, business centres also offer co-working and hot desking spaces as well as private offices. This is great news for staff members and businesses that do a lot of travelling to meet with clients, as these spaces allow people to work across multiple locations, not just the building where you’re renting space. 

Catering Support

As well as being fountains of knowledge, the staff at business centres like ours are no strangers to stepping in to lend a hand. This is never more valuable than when it comes to helping you impress your guests at important meetings by organising catering. Our team can order in breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea and ensure there is a steady flow of freshly brewed tea and coffee to help keep your guests feeling well looked after, while leaving you to get on with the important stuff. 

Meeting Rooms

As well as helping businesses cater their meetings, business centres can even provide the meeting room itself. This gives you access to fully equipped, board room ready facilities that are flexible enough to accommodate everything from conferences to study groups and training sessions. At Bracken all three of our business centres boast three separate meeting rooms of varying sizes, from more intimate spaces, to 12 seater boardroom facilities, saving our clients the need to set up their own meeting rooms.

Break Out Spaces

Sometimes 8 hours in the office nonstop can be a bit of a chore, but with break out spaces dotted throughout business centres, staff can get up and take a short walk down the corridor for a quick change of scene. It’s also a great opportunity to chat to people from other businesses and simply relax away from the desk.

Expanding Space

An office is a big investment for most businesses, but getting an office space in a serviced office building is a wise investment. Business centres like ours offer the opportunity for businesses to change, expand and even move offices as the business grows. This removes the hassle of changing the business address and going through the trauma, headache and expense of a true relocation. 

Great Location

Last but by no means least, managed offices like ours in Leeds typically tend to be in great, city centre locations or at the very least, close to vital transport links and that’s what makes them so appealing to a wide number of businesses. It also allows businesses to rent prime office real estate without the responsibility of owning and managing the building as well, helping to keep overheads down and profit margins high.

So, whether you’re already working in a serviced office or considering trying one for the first time, now you know how to get the most of these fantastic workspaces. For even more information about our serviced offices in Leeds, please contact our friendly team today.