Our Covid-19 Update

Bracken Workspace Plus Our Covid-19 Update

We all continue to live and work with the reality of COVID-19 and the demands put on us to ensure that the spread of the virus is minimised. We fully support the Government’s continuing efforts and measures needed to ease us back to a life with fewer restrictions and are committed to playing our part in keeping our staff, our customers, visitors to our buildings and society in general as safe and protected as possible.

We also recognised that we have a responsibility to protect our wellbeing and livelihoods as well as our health and this means providing the support that our customers who are working from home still need and ensuring that those businesses and staff who cannot work from home have a safe and COVID secure workplace environment in which they can continue to operate their businesses.

This is something that the Government acknowledges must happen. Accordingly, all Bracken Workspace Plus buildings will continue to stay open and COVID secure and our teams will continue to be available to provide the services and support for our customers to work productively and meaningfully. Whilst things change around us at an alarming pace, this is something that has not changed and that you can rely on.

So, what practical measures have we taken to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our customers? Let’s have a recap below.
  • Cleaning – An enhanced cleaning regime has been put in place using appropriate cleaning materials. This is being supported by regular daytime cleaning of high touch point surfaces and deep cleaning and disinfecting treatments.
  • Hygiene – sanitisation stations have been installed at all entrances and sanitiser products made available in central spaces such as meeting rooms. Hand washing facilities are available throughout the buildings.
  • Social Distancing – policies and protocols are in place along with signage to encourage social distancing. Furniture and layouts have been re-arranged in common areas to allow for social distancing and any areas where this is impossible, we have restricted access.
  • Protection – In areas of higher use we have provided physical protection, particularly in our reception areas for our front of house teams. Whilst we have not made face masks mandatory as other measures mean we have a secure environment, we have provided PPE available to our staff so don’t be surprised if you see them wearing masks and/or gloves whilst undertaking their duties. This is not a reflection or a statement from us on how we perceive the safety of our buildings and occupiers, but we encourage our staff to make responsible personal decisions on wearing such items if it helps them feel comfortable in their working environment.
  • Signage – behavioural and informational signage has been installed throughout our buildings to remind and inform people of the need to stay COVID secure.
  • Building Services – Where fresh air is mechanically introduced into our buildings we have adjusted our systems to bring in the maximum amount possible to increase ventilation and air changes. We have encouraged doors and windows to be opened where possible. We have restricted lift capacities and directed traffic around the buildings to minimise social contact. We have introduced signage, enhanced cleaning and introduced more hygiene opportunities.
  • Communication and Training – We have kept in touch with our customers and have listened to what they have been saying and have reacted as much as we can to their wants and needs. We monitor Government guidance regularly and make sure that our team members are aware of and able to provide the level of services that are required.
  • Bracken Workspace Plus Team – We have undertaken a full review of our own teams and have been working with them to ensure that we are complying with guidance, minimising movements and ensuring they feel secure whilst still being able to provide the level of services to our customers that is needed.
Our response to the pandemic is ongoing and organic and will continue to adapt as guidance changes. We are committed to this.

We must also acknowledge that the power of the Bracken Workspace community has never been more important. Whilst we continue to put extensive measures in place to protect our health and livelihoods, we need collaboration from everyone who uses our buildings to ensure that they are effective.

Please ensure that you, your staff and your visitors continue to respect social distancing, that you sanitise or wash your hands regularly and that you consider your own organisation’s internal space and procedures. Anyone who feels unwell must stay away from the office, stay at home and follow Government advice. By now we all know what we should be doing and we ask that everyone who uses our buildings behaves responsibly so that together we can protect each other’s health, wellbeing and livelihoods.

Should you wish to discuss any matters relating to this statement, update us as to your own COVID responses or indeed just fancy catching up then you can contact us on 0113 237 2800, at hello@brackenwsp.co.uk or through your front of house team members in the normal manner.