Bracken Workspace Plus Increasingly Creative Office Perks

Increasingly Creative Office Perks

We all remember the days when office perks meant a company car, a competitive bonus scheme and if you were really lucky, a snazzy coffee maker and (don’t get too excited) but maybe even free tea too! But fast forward to 2017 and those traditional office perks look, well exactly that, traditional and dare we even say it, boring. If you’re a growing business looking to recruit in these modern times, your office perks need to really stand out if your business is going to cut the mustard and attract the biggest talents.

Google provides a great example of how creative office perks can really help motivate the workforce and get people excited about coming into the office as this video shows

In fact, Google takes their office perks so seriously, their employees can indulge in free gourmet cafeterias, nap pods, free onsite haircuts and even ski trips!

Now admittedly Google is an extreme example, but plenty of other businesses across the world and indeed the UK are getting creative when it comes to employee benefits. And you don’t have to think too far outside the box to get people interested in working for you. Here are some simple creative perks you can introduce in your office, without needing a bank balance like Googles.

Dress Up Fridays

We’re all familiar with the old “dress down Friday” but now, as more and more businesses have relaxed their standard dress code, this no longer qualifies as an office perk. Instead, we’re seeing an increase in “dress up Fridays”, with employees walking through the doors at our serviced office buildings in everything from onesies, to snappy suits, flat caps or even pink from head to toe! Not only can this be a great way to let your employees have a little fun, but it can also be used to support a good cause and raise money for charities in the local area.

Free Food

Food is another great motivator. Pub Friday’s are a great incentive and can bring teams closer together by allowing for a little more relaxed socialisation during the office day. Domino’s Two For Tuesday deliveries, doughnut drops or for the more health conscious employees, even fruit baskets, salad bars and smoothie sessions are other great examples of how food can be used as an office perk, and even help keep your employees healthy and well fuelled for the working day.

Pet Perks

The office dog isn’t a new concept, and for years now, many corporate businesses have indulged in fairly sizable tropical fish tanks, so pet perks aren’t exactly new, but businesses are now revamping this trend with increasingly more exotic and exciting office pets.

From African Pygmy Hedgehogs to Pygmy Goats and Micro Pigs to Giant African Land Snails and Fennec Foxes, there’s now really no limit to the wildlife you’ll encounter in the average city centre office building. But this provides more than just an interesting office member, it can also reduce stress and help create a more relaxed homely feel in the office environment.

Bonus Time

As we mentioned in our introduction, a competitive bonus scheme has long been a staple of many employee benefit schemes but today, it’s time and not money that’s being offered in return for good performance. Flexi time, working from home and condensed hours are all proving popular ways to attract new talent can keep workers happy, allowing them more time for their own hobbies outside the office, while still ensuring they get the work done. It can even cut down on commuter time and travel expenses keeping everybody happy and helping out the environment too.

Binning Desks And Chairs

Last but by no means least, is the arrival of elaborate office furniture. Back in the day, you knew you were doing well at work if you were upgraded to your own office or perhaps a bigger desk, but now it’s all about stand up desks and exercise balls. As a new office perk, businesses are looking to help employee’s battle the sedentary nature of office work with alternative office furniture designed to get people up and moving.

At Bracken, we’re always happy to accommodate the increasingly weird and wonderful requests of the businesses working across our three centres, and we’ve welcomed everything from office pool tables to flat cap Fridays at The Tannery, Albion Court and Calls Wharf. So, is it time you revamped your office perk package to help you attract new talent and get the most from your work force?