Don’t Underestimate The Potential of The Humble Office Mug

Bracken Workspace Plus Don’t Underestimate The Potential of The Humble Office Mug
Mugs, they may not be the obvious choice when it comes to defining your office space, but we’re here to tell you, that the humble mug can say a lot about your business and your team. Not convinced? Let us explain why we think mugs are one of the best ways to communicate personality and brand identity in your office.

First let’s start with the office mugs you and your team are using day to day. Depending on how you choose to run your kitchen, there are two ways the humble mug can play an important role in building your team and communicating your brand values. 

The first option is to invest in a set of branded mugs, which you can hand out to new starters when they join the business. It makes a lovely and practical welcome gift, and it creates uniformity across the office, helping to build the sense of unity throughout the team. It can also add a professional look and feel to your workspace, especially in open plan offices, where mugs are often seen across most desks. 

The second option when it comes to mugs, is to encourage your team to bring in their own favourite drinking vessels from home. Depending on the choices they make, this can add a huge injection of personality into your workspace, allowing people to express some of the things they like through the items they’re using. This can be a lovely way for larger teams to get to know a little bit about everyone in the workspace and they can create fantastic talking points when clients come to visit too, sometimes even helping to build relationships through shared interests. Furthermore, by allowing your team members to bring a little bit of their personality into your office space, it can help make their desk feel a little bit more like home, and it demonstrates that your business values their individuality – great if you’re looking to grow and recruit more employees.

Now let’s think about the office mugs you allow your visiting clients to use. We all know that meetings are an opportunity to get to know your clients better, build relationships and showcase more about your brand, what you do and who you are and make no mistake, mugs can play a role here too. 

Any good meeting starts with the offer of a drink and many of us office workers are more than partial to a tea or coffee. The mugs you use to serve these drinks to clients can really make a statement about your hospitality, your brand and even the quality and price point of your service. High end, designer mugs can align your business with that high end, luxury aesthetic. Large mugs that hold a generous serving can help foster a friendly, comforting, and open feeling. While different coloured mugs can help support your branding and play off colour psychology to help build a sense of what your company is like. In other words, our advice is to take some time, and invest some money in the office mugs you use in client meetings, as it can really make a statement about your business. 

So, if you’re looking for some office mug inspiration, then here are a few of our recommended shops and brands to help get you started:

The Pantone Mug Collection
These mugs are the go-to for anyone interested in colour theory and design. They are simple, classic, and bold and made from fine china to boot! They’re lovely to drink out off, a decent size and come in such a vast range of colours your practically guaranteed to find something to suit your brand.

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The Dialectable Mug Collection 
For businesses based in Yorkshire like us, then Dialectable has a fabulous collection of mugs that help showcase that famous Yorkshire spirit. Choosing mugs from a company like this can help make a statement about how much you value your location and your local roots; this can be particularly important for business where location is key to success.

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The Literary Company Mug Collection
For anyone interested in literature, books, reading, grammar and proper English, the mug collection from the Literary Company is a must. You’re almost guaranteed to find something for everyone with an interest in words and these can help prompt useful conversations when you’re looking to build those early relationships with clients and new team members.

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