Why You Should Think About Cycling to Work

Bracken Workspace Plus Why You Should Think About Cycling to Work
A hot topic on everyone’s mind at this moment is how can we be greener and more energy efficient. We all like to think that we are doing our bit with recycling, using electric cars and energy efficient light bulbs etc, but with transport being responsible for 26% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, one factor we could all consider is cycling to work.

Obviously, this may not be feasible for everyone depending on the distance between home and work, but we here at Bracken have ensured that for those that can, the facilities are offered to enable them to do just that. All three of our buildings now have sheltered bike stores, plus The Tannery and Calls Wharf even have a shower room if you are concerned about getting too sweaty before a day in the office.

The concept is so big that the government initiated a UK Cycle to Work Scheme and bicycle businesses up and down the country including Evans Cycles (who have a shop by Leeds Train Station) have created a service whereby if your employer signs up, you can purchase a bike and all the accessories and spread the cost in equal monthly instalments taken from your salary before tax, you can even make a saving of up to 42%.

The initiative was created in 1999 and by 2016 around 180,000 people participated in the cycle to work scheme. The Institute for Employment Studies concluded that the scheme is economically and socially beneficial and that this combined with improved infrastructure could see a massive increase in the number of cyclists in the UK. With options like this available it seems cycling to work could be the way forward, apart from the obvious benefits to the environment there are many other personal benefits that cycling to work can give you.

Fitness is obviously a huge factor; cycling is considered to be both cardio vascular and aerobic exercise and on average burns just as many calories as jogging, but without the negative impacts on the joints. It also makes for a happier lifestyle, we all know the frustrations that go hand in hand with a daily commute to work, with traffic jams and road works but cycling can eliminate many of these frustrations and can actually give you an energy boost and relieve stress. Your time at work will also be benefitted as daily exercise can sharpen your memory and improve overall brain performance, which is why the scheme seems to be a no brainer with many employers. And finally cost, imagine the money you could save on petrol and regular maintenance of your vehicle. According to cyclescheme.co.uk if you switch from car to bike you can save £3,000 every year.

At Bracken we are always striving to ensure our clients receive the best possible facilities and services and with all of these factors to consider, maybe it’s time to squeeze into those lycra cycling shorts, now that it’s hard to think of a reason (or excuse) NOT to cycle to work ….