Board Director and Shareholder

John Clark

John is based at The Tannery and he has been part of the Bracken family for over 21 years.

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What do you do day to day for Bracken?
Oversee operational activities and strategic planning and asker of obvious questions.

What’s one thing you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
Can’t choose one thing. Variety is the spice of life! I play a bit of golf, watch some football and enjoy cinema and all aspects of live performing arts. Not forgetting a regular catch up with mates over a pint or two.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Being ancient I have to manage a tendency for unreasonable peevishness. Accordingly, I am refusing to acknowledge a pet one! But for the purposes of this we’ll go with something relatively light – people who eat Marmite in my company.

What’s your most memorable moment from your time working at Bracken?
Blimey, that’s a difficult one! There have been loads! Working with my brother on a daily basis, creating such an inspiring workspace as Calls Wharf out of a beautiful, but totally obsolete ex grain warehouse by the River Aire when flexible workspace was a relatively small market in Leeds, watching Denise win Crypt Factor by singing Firework by Katy Perry, helping create an amazing moving water sculpture in the river behind Calls Wharf for one of the very early Leeds Light Nights, being able to respond and stay relevant to the fast changing occupational requirements of modern small businesses.
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Where to find John

You will find John at our Head Offices at The Tannery.

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The Tannery
91 Kirkstall Road,
LS3 1HS.
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